HeatMap Ads Theme – 10 Days later

I have to confess something. I have an obsessive compulsive checking problem. I have to check everything. Especially locks. I like them to be locked. All of them. It’s quite annoying. Disaster usually occurs if I don’t check things (especially blog posts). For some reason typos seem to bypass my checking filter. No matter how much I look I don’t always seem to see. I believe it has something to do with seeing what I expect to see rather than what’s really there. Imagination is a wonderful thing.

Fortunately when it comes to HeatMap Theme, this checking compulsion does seem to be working though, and working rather well. The quality control department in my brain is giving itself a pat on the back of the synapses. I do check new HeatMap Theme stuff on a least three different blogs before I release it to you, dear HeatMapster (yes I now have invented a new word for HeatMap Theme users). 😉

10 days in and we’re up to …let me ‘check’ … 2597 downloads and I have over 600 referrers in my stats. 10 days ago these stats were 0 and 3 respectively.
This means that there are a lot of bloggers trying out HeatMap Theme for the first time, and a goodly proportion sticking around a while.

The important thing for me is that nobody’s blog blew up when they installed HeatMap Theme (as far as I know) and no small animals were harmed during its deployment. With the above stats I surely would have heard cries and moans (possibly with some biblical style gnashing of teeth) if those fearful things had happened. Actually there are seven 5 star ratings for HeatMap Theme sitting on http://wordpress.org/extend/themes/heatmap-adsense-theme/stats/ as I type, plus some nice compliments and some sensible questions.

So 10 days into HeatMapTheme.com the world did not end. In fact it’s a brand new shiny world. I’m expecting that someone will come along soon and spoil the party by saying “I hate HeatMap Theme because it exists – 1 star” after looking at my three-months of solid work in 5 seconds flat and passing instant judgement. It’s bound to happen, but right up to this point HeatMapTheme is doing its things as I expected it would.

…so a compulsion to check can sometimes be a good thing.

First person to post a comment saying “naa-naa na naaaaa-naaaa, you missssed thii-isss!” will get a custard pie in the face.