Mike and Stu’s Skate Session

This was a great skate session with Mike Gillespie in Port Lincoln. Happy memories!

After 3 months of learning to ride bowls in Port Lincoln I mastered pumping around the walls and even dropping in on the lower transitions.

Injuries? Well just a few. Worth it? Definately. Its a time I’ll never forget.

The video we made was of ‘almost’ the last session I had in the park before I flew back to the UK. There was one session after that, but it wasn’t captured on camera. Its a good job too as the park got the better of me on that day!
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Early Morning Skate Session

This was a lovely morning at the Port Lincoln Skatepark. Nothing but me, a skatepark and a sunny day. Perfect.

As per usual (and lucky for me) there was nobody else in the park on that day, so I propped my Ipad up with a brick at the side of the bowl to shoot the video (hence the low angle).

Its better to skate in the morning as the concrete heats up to a toasty temperature once the sun is high in the sky, and because I choose to wear plenty of padding it can get a bit sweaty out there!
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Just don’t serve me frozen carrots

There was a time when I would have never blinked an eye when eating a frozen carrot. That was the golden age of school dinners. Frozen carrots were standard fare there. We never thought about the frozen carrot then, probably because we were instead thinking of the dessert which followed, which always seems in my childhood minds eye to be a rich suet pastry jam roly poly with lashings of custard. Sometimes it was a less good dessert such as Frog Spawn (tapioca) or even Semolina with a dollop of jam, but mostly it was the sticky, oozy and sustaining suet puddings that I remember.
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Pick a Theme to Solve your Problem

There are literally squillions of WordPress Themes out there, of varying quality; some cost nothing, some you will pay for, but almost all the really good ones have one thing in common…

They solve a particular problem.

WordPress can be made to do an infinite number of things, but the real value of a theme is in how many of those possibilities can be elimininated so it helps its users solve their particular problem quickly, and focus on the task at hand.

For example, some themes help you to set up a magazine type blog; some themes might make it easy to set up a shop; and other themes might help you set up a blog that contains Adsense ads using WordPress widgets (ummm.. that would be HeatMap Theme). There are lots of possibilities.

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